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Pregnancy and Active Birth Classes

Hi I'm Niki, one of the physiotherapists at Physio Health and Performance whom specialises in pregnancy and pelvic floor issues.

After hearing more from pregnant patients and friends, as well as reading upcoming studies about the increasing anxiety and mental health difficulties that pregnant and postpartum women are experiencing with our ongoing isolation and lockdown in Victoria, I have found it really hard to take as a health professional with the specific skills to provide help.

At our clinic we are providing 1:1 (partners welcome) pregnancy and birth classes; alongside our 4:1 Zoom classes. I'm running condensed classes rather than spacing them out over several weeks as usual and to cover the essentials for a smooth pregnancy, relaxing approach to birth and optimise recovery post birth.

I am also very happy to answer any quick questions over email or message that anyone has to relieve any stresses or concerns :) Or to point you in the direction or who might be able to help

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