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Plot A group of women, rescued from slavery by a man named Raul, travel west into the country of Valeria. During their journey, the group encounters a tyrannical woman named Valeria who rules over her territory. Valeria is seen to be childlike, and she rules the area with an iron fist. Raul, the leader of the women's group, has an uncommon confidence that he has not encountered before. He and the group of women leave Valeria to a neighboring city. Before they leave, Valeria promises to make Raul's wife and sister-in-law slaves. While in Valeria, Raul and the group see a red door. Raul goes into the red door and sees a strange room where there are no chairs and one is already sitting on the floor. In the room are three people, a man and two women, . It is revealed that this man is known as Zasunimo. The three of them engage in a conversation in a language the woman could not understand. After the conversation, the man begins speaking in the group's language and offers to help. The group accepts and he promises to help them reach their homeland. It is revealed that this man Zasunimo has been taken in by the village he lives in, where he has two wives and two sons. In exchange for assisting the group in their journey, he asks only for his two sons to be taken as his own and for the women to be kept as wives. Raul accepts the man's proposal, and the man tells them that he is from Valeria and that it is his duty to take the women to the land of Valeria. The women learn that the men are in Valeria and decide to try to enter. When they arrive in Valeria, Valeria's guards capture Raul and the women and take them to Valeria. Valeria is angry with the women and has them brought before her, where she threatens to behead one of the women. Raul tries to stand up for the women but to no avail. Valeria orders Raul's wife and sister-in-law to be taken away and killed. Valeria then decides to kill the rest of the women and sends her two brothers to do it. After the two men are killed by the women, Valeria is attacked by the men, who are apparently on the side of the women. The men then turn on Valeria and the women flee. Raul leaves with the



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HD Online Player (Women In Fury Full Movie Download Mp) martzant
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